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How we are now operating

At York Place Dental we always put you, the patient first. We want you to feel safe, comfortable and cared for and we always aim to deliver the highest standard of dental care.

Please ready the important information below to help us to provide you with the best care and service possible.

If you have any of the symptoms of respiratory infection, including colds or flu, please let us know as soon as you can before your appointment.

If you need to reschedule your appointment, please try do so at least 2 working days before it is due. We have a waiting list of patients needing care and this gives us time to contact them and book them in instead. If you do not give us 2 working days’ notice, there will be a late rearrangement fee. 

Before your appointment

  • We will send you a link to an online medical history form which is quick and easy to complete. Please update this before all appointments – many modern treatments and medications affect what we can or can’t do for you, and we need to know everything about your medical background.
  • If you are having problems completing the online medical history form, please call us at the practice or email on
  • Payments for treatment are made in advance and the cost of your care will be explained thoroughly to you, either at your examination or over the telephone. To make payment easier we prefer contactless payments for your convenience.

On the day of your appointment

  • If applicable, please bring your orthodontic retainers, Invisalign aligners, dentures, dental splints and similar items.
  • You should always attend alone unless you require physical assistance or are supporting a child or someone who is vulnerable.
  • On the morning of your appointment, you will receive a text message containing an online self-check in link. When you arrive at the practice, please click on the self-check in link to let us know that you have arrived.
  • On entry, please sanitise your hands. This has proven to be highly effective against infections, and then take a seat in our comfortable lounge area.

In Surgery

Your treatment will be explained again to you and then with your permission, we will start. We’ve learnt from the Covid pandemic that air quality is better with good ventilation and so you may hear an extractor fan in operation. Our rooms are all air conditioned, and clean blankets are available if you feel cold whilst having your treatment.

There is a choice of streaming video and TV on our ceiling mounted monitors, and streamed music is available in each surgery via the sound systems for your entertainment. We find this lifts the mood and helps you – especially during longer treatments.

After your appointment

Once your treatment is complete, a member of our clinical team will escort you to our reception area where your ongoing appointments can be scheduled.

We do request contactless payment in advance of treatment either over the telephone or via bank transfer. If payment has not already been secured contactless payment via card will be available.

As always, every step we are taking is with your safety in mind along with providing you with the highest standard of care.

If you have any questions, please get in touch via email or telephone. We look forward to seeing you again soon.






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