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At York Place Dental, we offer the highest quality oral healthcare services to patients in and around Carlisle. You can expect excellent customer service in everything that we do – from booking an appointment to undergoing treatment. An established general dental practitioner, we have built up years of expertise in private dental care and can offer the same high standards to you and your family.

Patients in and around Cumbria choose us because of the range of services on offer and because we have an unrivalled reputation for being a good dentist for nervous patients. To discover more ways we can help you feel free to call us on 01228 580490 

Dental Treatments in Carlisle

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Any general dental practice should be focussed on dental hygiene and this is certainly the case at York Place. As well as seeing a qualified dentist, you might be referred to another type of oral health practitioner, such as a hygienist or nurse. It is all about offering you the best practitioner for the job at hand.
You'll be assigned your own personal hygienist who can help to improve your overall oral health and to maintain care between visits to the dentist.
Prevention is always better than cure, so a lot of our care is focussed on making sure that procedures are avoided in the first place. In many cases, you will find that this approach means that problems of decay or of gum disease, for example, can be brought under control without the need to take more drastic steps. Part of this approach is based on oral healthcare education which is one of the best ways of turning around problems before they get out of control.
Seeking a dentist for nervous patients? Then look no further. We know that some patients are understandably nervous about visiting a dentist especially if they have had poor experiences in the past. The key to overcoming feelings of distress is by providing good communication and a caring approach. If you feel nervous, then turn to York Dental where we will seek to build up your trust over the longer term by being upfront and by explaining what we are doing at all stages.

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Straightening out teeth which have formed a malocclusion – those which don't line up well with one another as you bite – is a service offered to many patients.

Bear in mind that this is not simply cosmetic work, although teeth straightening can certainly improve the appearance of your smile.

It is often about improving the way in which your teeth perform, whether it is your molars when you chew, or your incisors, when you bite into something.
Only a general dental practitioner is skilled enough to truly whiten your teeth. Some shop bought products can help, but for a really good whitening service you will need to turn to a professional. For example, we make casts that will keep whitening products on your teeth at home in a much more advanced way. Alternatively, you might opt for veneers instead. We are also able to provide you with demonstrations of the best ways of going about the teeth whitening process which will lead to more sustained whitening results that come about in a shorter time period.
From bridges and dentures to crowns and single tooth implants, a full range of options is on offer. Therefore, no matter what your preference is for a dental implant, we will be able to advise you of the best route to take. Our caring and professional approach always means that patients are in the driving seat, but we will never let a client down in terms of selecting the right sort of implant. Many of the latest dental implants have been fitted over recent years to patients in and around Carlisle, so don't hesitate to ask about these services to find out which might suit your lifestyle.


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