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Smile Dentistry: How To Get The Perfect Smile in Carlisle

Smile Design: Let Us Help You Discover Your Perfect Smile At York Place Dental

Smiles are one of the most powerful tools we humans have at our disposal – they can make a day brighter, a person feel warmer, happier & more confident.

Smile Design & Smile Makeovers

Let us help you discover your perfect smile

Smiles are one of the most powerful tools we humans have at our disposal – they can make a day brighter, a person feel warmer, happier and more confident. Smiles draw people in and open doors to new opportunities. And yet, sadly, we see many patients who have lived their life feeling self-conscious about their smile. Our Smile Design techniques and makeovers aim to give you your smile back.

Our principal dentist, Richard Hellen, is a full member of the BACD, the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. As such, he has demonstrated a commitment to the extra training needed to provide the best in cosmetic dentistry. This involves more than double the minimum required postgraduate study. With York Place Dental in Carlisle Cumbria, you can be confident that you are coming to a practice where you will receive the best advice and the smile you’ve always wanted.

Smile makeovers in Carlisle
When you first come and see us for Your Personal Dental Consultation, we take the time to find out what you want. We’re trained at helping you with this, as it can be difficult to express how you feel or what you perceive to be the problem. It’s normal to have a second case presentation appointment where we present your best options and discuss your treatment plan in detail.

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Smile makeovers in Carlisle from York Place Dental

Every Smile Is Personal

We don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach to smile makeovers because we understand that your smile is as personal and unique to you as the colour of your eyes or the tone of your voice. Instead, we have a large toolbox of methods and equipment to help us give you the best result.

Successful smile makeovers often only require a light touch and minimally invasive dentistry to create a life-changing transformation. This sits perfectly with our preventive ethos.

Whether you would benefit from teeth whitening, tooth coloured cosmetic fillings,  ceramic crowns, cosmetic veneers or cosmetic dentures, we can help you, often by using a combination of treatments. 

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