Children's dentistry in Carlisle, Cumbria

Children have different needs, and working with our younger members can be both the most challenging and most rewarding parts of our working day.

Children's dentistry in Carlisle Cumbria

Healthy teeth for life

One of the most important things is to give children confidence in visiting the dentist and to gain their trust. Working with you and your child, our aim is to ensure dental health and wellbeing for life.

As your child grows, we will also assess their dental growth so that if they need to have their teeth straightened, it is done at the right time for your child. It is now possible to have your child’s teeth straightened on a private basis here at York Place Dental in Carlisle, so there is no need to go on a lengthy waiting list.

Our experienced team is passionate about preventive care for life. We want your child to grow up with the healthiest teeth and a confident smile.
With the right care and support, fillings and infections of the gums should be a thing of the past. We aim to help you child feel comfortable and happy at the dentist whilst we show them how to take proper care of their teeth.

For information about our childrens or teens membership plans please click here.

Friendly Children's Dentist in Carlisle

Healthy Teeth For Life

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