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Root canal therapy

Root canal therapy, or endodontics, is the treatment to remove an infection, and often the damaged nerve, deep inside the root of a tooth. It’s a painless modern treatment to save teeth that would otherwise have to be taken out.

At York Place Dental in Carlisle, we provide high quality root canal treatment using the latest technology, including an operating microscope, to solve even the most complex cases.

Our experienced Associate Dentist, David Bullamore, has a special interest in endodontics and he achieved a distinction in his Masters Degree Programme in Endodontics at Chester University.

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What is a root canal?

Inside each tooth is a blood and nerve supply, the pulp, that runs from the end of the root to a chamber inside the tooth. This is the root canal system.

Why do I need root canal therapy?

Bacteria can get into this chamber either from dental decay or directly from the mouth if a tooth is broken or a filling is lost. Once bacteria are established, blood supply to the nerve diminishes and the tooth begins to die. When this happens, the only way to save the tooth is to remove the infection and the dying nerve. Antibiotics can relieve some of the symptoms but they can't kill the bacteria inside the tooth, and the only other option other than root canal therapy is to have the tooth extracted.

What’s involved in root canal therapy?

In root canal therapy, the pulp and nerve tissue are painlessly removed from inside the root canals. The canals are then thoroughly cleaned, then filled and sealed with a special material.

Why do I need to see an endodontist?

An endodontist is a dentist who has undergone extensive training to perform root canal therapy to a higher standard. They work with special instruments to ensure even the most complicated cases are thoroughly and effectively treated. Your regular dentist can perform simple root canal procedures, but for more involved cases the best outcome will be achieved by an endodontist.

Once your root canal therapy is successfully completed by your endodontist, you can then return to your regular dentist to have the tooth restored as planned.

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If you have any questions about root canal therapy, we’re always here to talk in detail.

York Place Dental in Carlisle provide the highest standard of root canal treatment and are always up to date with the latest treatment methods to remove infection and damaged nerves effectively.

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