Beat Your Fear Of The Dentist At York Place Dental

Our team members are all selected for their sympathetic personalities, and we have each been trained in how to listen to and then communicate with nervous and anxious patients like you.

Do You Have a Fear of the dentist?

Are you one of the unlucky many who feel scared of the dentist? You know it's irrational but somehow that nagging dental anxiety holds you back from looking after your oral health properly!  At York Place Dental, we understand how deep seated this fear can be and so we treat you in exactly the same way that we would expect to be treated by our own dentist. All of our team members are recruited for their sympathetic and understanding personalities, and we invest in training each staff member to listen to and communicate with you.  We aim to be the first choice of dentist for nervous patients like yourself.

Nervous Patients & Building Relationships

When going to the dentist induces a bout of dental nerves, it can be difficult to trust the gowned person standing over you when you are lying back in the chair. That's why we regard the most important element of your relationship with your dental team as trust! We will help you to overcome your dental phobia.

From the moment that you contact us, we will take the time to listen to you and to answer your questions clearly. We will always treat you with the highest respect and the highest clinical standards. We aim to establish a long-term trusting relationship with you, and to be a safe dental home for you when you need us – just as it should be.

Get over your fear of the Dentist at York Place Dental, Carlisle

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Overcome your fear of the Dentist at York Place Dental, Carlisle

How To Overcome Your Fear Of The Dentist

The first step is to call us! We are not scary dentists. Because of Richard Hellen's commitment to building up a dental practice where every patient can feel comfortable, he has undergone a considerable amount of extra training. This understanding has driven him to completely refurbish the interior of the practice helping create an environment that will help you to overcome your dental phobia. He has made this a central part of all our staff's training so that you have the benefit of a very understanding team and a relaxing dental health experience. We are now a Dental Phobia Certified practice and you can check Richard's verification here.

If you are one of the 50% of the UK population whose fear of the dentist means you don’t go to the dentist unless you are in severe pain, we’d really like to help you. Whether your phobia of dentists is about dentistry in general, or perhaps your anxiety has been triggered by a single previous incident, you will find a friendly, professional, understanding, real human to talk to here and be able to start your journey towards better dental health.

Even where people have had a particularly bad dental experience in the past, and the memory of that event just won’t go away, we have a range of different approaches, strategies and techniques that can help you come to terms with the treatment you need. From listening to you, building trust, administering pain free dentistry, sedation and the Wand to alternative therapies, we have a solution that will ease the mind of the most nervous dental patients! We hope you will soon realise we are a genuinely No Fear Dentist!

Defeating Dental Phobia

Defeat Your Dentist Anxiety

Whatever the cause of your dental anxiety, there is no need to be embarrassed to go to the dentist anymore! At York Place Dental we work with you to find a way for you to comfortably have the dental treatment that will restore your oral health and bring back a smile that will boost your confidence anew! We have a range of different approaches to help you put aside old anxieties

Call today on 01228 580490 and talk to one of our understanding team about beating your problems.

A Relaxing and Calming Practice Environment
Painless Dentistry
The Wand
Intravenous Sedation
Complementary Therapies

Why not get in touch and talk to us about your problems?

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