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Confidence guaranteed: Choose what kind of braces suit your lifestyle

Dental Braces: Brightening Carlisle Smiles the Modern Way

Are you one of the lucky people who is happy with your smile?

Alternatively, is there something you would like to change? Do you feel self-conscious because you feel that your teeth stick out? Whether you have gaps in your teeth or they are overcrowded and out of line, we provide only the most effective and well tested dental brace solutions for teeth straightening. We understand how everyone can benefit from a more confident smile.

In Your Search For a Confident Smile:
Why Choose Braces From York Place Dental?

York Place Dental, led by Richard Hellen, offers friendly and relaxed orthodontic dentistry. As relaxed as we want you to feel, we keep ourselves dynamically up to date with the most effective orthodontic practises available.

Our team's experience offers very personalised care from the full range of modern cosmetic and near invisible orthodontic braces to bring out your most charming smile.

Braces Fitted in Carlisle

We put patient care and confidentiality at the heart of our work with you. All discussions about your braces - or any other dental treatment - are private. At York Place in Carlisle, you are never pressured into any particular teeth straightening option.

Richard has been delivering the highest quality, orthodontic care based on up to date medical evidence, for adults and children for many years! You will find a full range of the best teeth straightening treatments available here. You can feel confident of finding the best solution to help you achieve the confidence boosting straight smile you've been looking for. All this happens in our attractive, friendly and highly relaxing environment at York Place Dental.

Modern Orthodontic Braces: Say Goodbye to Metal Train Tracks!

The advances in orthodontic brace technology for teeth straightening means you no longer need to wear the archetypal metal ‘train tracks’ for months on end. There is a wide variety of available solutions now! We highlight just two below to give you an idea of the improvements in treatment that have occurred in recent years:

Ceramic braces are discrete and inconspicuous in your mouth and have become a popular alternative to old style metal orthodontic appliances. They work the same, but are much more aesthetically pleasing for the wearer.

Their translucent colour blends into your teeth, and they are smaller and smoother making the whole experience more comfortable.  Even the wire through the ceramic fixing points is usually tooth coloured to making the appliance even more discrete.

This gives you the confidence of knowing your braces are almost hidden to untrained eyes, removing much of the self-consciousness you previously experienced when socialising or speaking in front of an audience.

Another popular solution to achieving straighter teeth without metal braces on teeth is often referred to as "invisible orthodontics". These treatment solutions allow you to wear a clear and usually removable aligner during the straightening and re-aligning of your teeth. The removable style of Invisalign and similar solutions lets you take them out at mealtimes or for special occasions! The treatments will actually enhance your lifestyle.

Invisalign is one of the branded solutions for these clear retainers. It's proving to be a popular option for adult orthodontics! Professionals with high-pressure careers tell us that they feel much more comfortable wearing discrete braces for the treatment period. The research leading to invisible orthodontics has also delivered an option that gives many patients a significantly shorter treatment time.

The Benefits of Our Straight Teeth Solutions for North Cumbria

In an area of the UK that has historically poor dental health there are many benefits to these treatments that go beyond simply having teeth straightened Your newly straightened teeth will be healthier and when you have a properly aligned bite, with fewer gaps for trapping food, there will be less opportunity for plaque to cause tooth decay.

Orthodontic dentistry is about making the best of your teeth and improving the working and comfort of your mouth and jaws. Teeth straightening is best done during your teenage years. The improved aesthetics of the treatments with discrete and effective ceramic or transparent aligners Invisalign, and even lingual braces: more adults are choosing to utilise orthodontic treatments to improve smiles, dental health and boost self-confidence.


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