Painless tooth extraction when it is needed

Remove the worry of pain from tooth extraction

Our experienced principal dentist, Richard Hellen, worked at Newcastle Dental Hospital and then general hospitals in the Manchester area before coming to Cumbria to work in dental practice. As such, he received extra specialist training over and above his normal dental degree and is highly experienced in the extraction of wisdom teeth and complex extractions.

Whilst we recognise that it is not something that we expect people to queue up for, it is important that there are dentists in North Cumbria able to carry out painless surgical extractions of teeth, commonly wisdom teeth, when necessary.  This means no hospital waiting list and also that you know the person who is going to be carrying out the extraction for you, which we feel is very important when having complicated dental treatment carried out.

If you are having a wisdom tooth, or other complex extraction problems, why not get in touch with our friendly team for a discussion about how me might help you?

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