Focusing On Preventive Dentistry In And Around Cumbria At York Place Dental, Carlisle

Working with a team of expert dental hygienists and therapists, we will provide you with tailored preventive dental care so that you can be confident that you have the healthiest mouth possible.

Prevention is better than cure

At York Place Dental our aim is to help you keep your teeth and oral tissues healthy and in great shape for life. Working with a team of expert dental hygienists and therapists, we will provide you with a tailored preventive dentistry care plan so that you can be confident that you have the best oral health possible.

From our very first consultation with you, we set out to identify existing problems, pick up on new dental issues as soon as they occur or, even better, to prevent them altogether by using a range of dental assessment tools and treatments. Most people are aware that good oral hygiene prevents bacteria in your mouth getting time to cause gum infections or tooth decay. What you may be unaware of, is the link between those same bacteria and coronary heart disease, strokes and premature births. By promoting better oral health care and spotting problems early, we also help safeguard your wellbeing in a more holistic way.

Preventing Tooth Surface Loss

A common dental problem of the 21st century in the UK is tooth surface loss.

Preventative Dentistry in Carlisle

Instead of people being reliant on dentures by the age of thirty, as in our great grandparents time, people keep their teeth for longer these days. The opportunities for acidic foods and drinks and night-time grinding to wreak havoc are there for a much longer time. Each of these factors can lead to long drawn out pathological tooth wear instead of outright tooth loss. Our older more worn teeth can create some difficult dental care choices later in life if your mouth hygiene hasn't been sufficient for your teeth. This often comes at a time when you would probably rather not be troubled with such problems. With good preventative care and our oral health advice, we can help you do as much as possible to safeguard your mouth against tooth surface loss and other oral health problems.

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Preventive Dental Practice and the Cancer Connection in Carlisle

Our Preventive Dental Practice and the Cancer Connection

Good dental hygiene and our preventative dentistry philosophy have another crucially important benefit for you as our patient.  Sadly, more than 5,000 people a year in the UK are diagnosed with mouth cancers. In many cases, it is incurable because of late detection, with one in two people dying within five years of diagnosis. York Place Dental staff are well trained in spotting the early signs of these potentially fatal diseases.

Early detection thanks to regular Dental Health Assessments can literally mean the difference between a long happy life and a premature death. This is why we will ask you questions at your regular dental examination about other risk factors beyond the obvious tooth hygiene ones. We will also examine you for signs of unwanted growths or changes to the soft tissues in your mouth.

By focusing on preventive care, we aim to save your life every time you visit us.

Oral Hygiene Advice to Keep Cumbrian Mouths Healthy

A key part of our preventative treatment and care at York Place is the oral hygiene advice we will give you so that you are an active partner in keeping your own teeth free from decay. This advice will cover topics such as:


Our bodies need a great supply of all the right minerals, vitamins and nutrients in order to maintain our teeth and our soft tissues in a healthy condition and for tooth enamel to have all the right constituents available. Avoiding the over-sweetened modern junk foods as much as possible means that sticky glutinous food waste isn't stuck to your teeth after meals or snacks.

Brushing and Flossing
Dental Sealants

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