Lingual 2D & Inman Aligner Braces Can Straighten Teeth Quicker

If you have only slightly crowded teeth, then we can straighten them for you in a very few months.

Quick Braces

If you have only slightly crowded teeth, then we can straighten them for you in a very few months. The time that it takes to achieve the result does depend upon how crooked your teeth are, and at your consultation we will always give our best estimate of the amount of time that your braces treatment is likely to take. Beware of brands of brace that claim to be faster.


Lingual 2D braces

If you’re looking for a reliable, accurate way of straightening your slightly crowded front teeth as quickly as possible, we recommend lingual 2D braces.

Tiny versions of our more complex lingual braces, they fix onto the back, or lingual, surfaces of your teeth so that nobody need know you are wearing them. When compared with a brace fixed to the front surfaces of your teeth, 2D braces will often straighten your teeth more quickly. For this reason they are very popular with people who have an important date or event coming up and not a lot of time.

Quick Lingual 2D Braces in Carlisle

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The Inman Aligner

The Inman aligner is a clever removable brace and can be worn on your upper or your lower teeth – check out the video in the link above. It gently applies pressure to your crowded teeth to get them moving and in the right cases works very quickly. Inman Aligners are popular with patients who really don’t want a brace fixed to their teeth. Whilst only suitable for milder crowding of the front teeth only, they work very quickly and are usually worn for less than six months.

To find out whether these braces would be the best option for you, download our free guide to quick braces. Better still, why not come and meet our friendly team for a full consultation and we will show you what treatment is right for you? Get in touch now using the form or details below.

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