Discreet Ceramic Braces At York Place Dental, Carlisle, Cumbria

Our braces work with precision and speed, as well as offering fantastic aesthetics, giving you the confidence to smile again as your teeth move into their corrected position.

Discreet Cosmetic Braces

Our clear braces are highly aesthetic and are gently fixed on to the front surfaces of your teeth using a harmless bonding system.

We only use the highest quality clear, ceramic brackets and tooth-coloured wires, to offer a more discreet appearance.

Unlike others, we don’t use cheaper plastic brackets because they wear out and break, frequently compromising the end result.

To find out whether clear braces would be the best option for you, why not come and meet our friendly team for a Consultation?

You can get in touch with us below and we look forward to seeing you.

Clear Ceramic Cosmetic Braces in Carlisle from York Place Dental

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