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Full and Partial Dentures

Our experienced dental team work with a highly skilled dental technician in Carlisle to make the best possible dentures. 

If you have missing teeth, there are three main options when deciding how to replace teeth that have been lost through trauma or disease.  The options are:

  • Screw-in implant teeth.
  • Fixed bridges.
  • Removable dentures.

Our dentures are crafted using the best possible techniques and materials and we pride ourselves in both our success rates and the fact that we do not rush them.  Having a new denture made has been described as being akin to having a new artificial leg, and the way that it is made and the materials that are used to make it are critical in obtaining best performance.

Dentures come in two forms, either full or partial.  A full denture means a denture replacing all the teeth in a given jaw, and a partial denture means a denture replacing some of the teeth in a given jaw, where there are healthy teeth left in place.

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The new materials and techniques and systems have pushed the boundaries on what might be possible and what is possible. Whilst sometimes an implant solution is the only realistic option, in many instances a well-fitting, well-made set of full dentures can transform a patient’s life by improving the ability to chew and their confidence in social situations. 

Partial dentures are divided into two forms. 

  • Partial dentures made from acrylic resin
  • Partial dentures made with a metal framework

Speaking generally, a metal-framed denture supported by the teeth and held in place by special metal clasps will often provide a click in, click out fit. This is very positive and gives a patient great confidence.  Because the denture is resting primarily on the teeth, the patient is able to bite more strongly through it and the denture is also more likely to stay in place whilst the patient is eating. There is always, however, some movements with a denture and they do require taking out for cleaning on a regular basis, often two or three times a day.

Plastic-framed dentures are cheaper, but broadly inferior in their performance as compared to metal-framed dentures, and would normally be considered as being second choice.  Because the dentures are not resting on the teeth, all the chewing force is transmitted straight to the gums which is not what they were designed for. This limits the person’s ability to be able to chew with them and generally their performance is poorer than metal-framed dentures.

There are circumstances when a metal-framed denture is not an option, and particularly we use plastic dentures as a temporary measure whilst preparing the patient for either implant-retained teeth, or a metal-framed denture. 

All of our dentures are made by an expert dental technician in Carlisle and each denture is custom-made to fit the patient. 

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