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Gums, Diabetes and the Romans

wedge-asterixAt YPD we're passionate about dental health and preventive dental care. One of the key areas that we can help with is your gum health. Something like 15% of the UK population (about 9 million of us) stand a significant chance of losing teeth through something we call periodontal disease, and its granny called Pyorrhea. Either way, it's preventable and can usually be treated. The truth is that gum disease has been a Cinderella topic in UK dentistry and treatment availability has been, and remains, patchy.

A recent archeological dig in Dorset showed that only about 5% of Romans in Britain had the same problem. Why is this?

There's a strong link between periodontal disease and diabetes . If you've got gum disease, you're more likely to have diabetes, and if you've got uncontrolled diabetes, you're more likely to have gum disease. This is one of the many reasons why your dentist asks you to complete a medical questionnaire before your examination, and why we at York Place Dental are starting to check patients for diabetes.

There are an estimated 4 million people in the UK who currently have diabetes and don't yet know it, and we know that the numbers are climbing. Our modern high sugar diet combined with a lack of exercise is reckoned to be the cause.

It could well be that the lower incidence of diabetes in Roman Britain was the reason why.

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Sunday, 31 May 2020
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