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If It Looks Good.....

There's a great saying that I heard recently:....If it looks good, it works good.

As an Alfa owner, I know this isnt always true, but I love the way that someone in a design house in Italy has just gone and designed my car - because they could. And I have incredibly thick skin.


In nature, it really is true. The arrangement of seeds in a sunflower, the intricate layering of a bird's feathers, an oak tree in full leaf.

Someone up there knows a bit about design don't they?

And what about teeth? I'll bet, like most people,  you've never really thought about it before....

Spot the filling on the picture below. Its there, bottom of the tooth in the middle


Ok the colour's right but you'd expect it, that's too easy....

Think of it like this:
  • Teeth are knives - they cut, so they're crinkly - and so's the filling, it'll function better.
  • Teeth are made up in layers, so that the load they carry is spread evenly - and so's the filling, so it will last longer.
  • It was created under magnification and LED lighting - so we didn't have to drill much tissue away and weaken the tooth.
It looks good, so it will work good...
What do you think?...Have you ever looked this hard at your teeth?

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Tuesday, 11 August 2020

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