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Teeth and Tarmac - again

Heres an unfortunate picture of a delightful young lady. Lets call her Lucy. She's eight years old and I bet she likes pink things.

Lucy was at her dad's on Saturday. She tripped over and landed right on her teeth - just like the young lad I mentioned in a previous blog.

She scabbled her top lip and dented her pride. Dad quickly took her to the emergency dentist who patched Lucy up and sent her on to us for treatment.

Lucy's mum and gran came in with her - looking worried. Would Lucy lose her teeth? What will happen in the future? Does she have to have lots of nasty treatment and will it frighten her?

All legitimate questions. I'd do the same.

You know, its such a good feeling when you can look the parent, the grandparent and the child in the eye and say - "Its going to be alright, its going to be fine".

What did we do?

We took digital X rays to check the roots were intact - they were.

We told Lucy that we were going to put some numbing cream on her gums to make them go all cold.

We then explained that she would feel two tiny pinpricks, no more than a pinch.

And then her lip and nose would go tingly and numb - which they did.

Which would mean that I could make her teeth better again.

And today Lucy had her teeth back - it took just 30 minutes, no pain, and a bit of George of the Jungle on the ceiling to take her mind off what was going on.

In fact Lucy was so good I took the chance to have a bit of a play with the appearance of the teeth.

Heres a picture of a numb Lucy Smiling.

Thanks Lucy for being such a delight to care for!

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Saturday, 08 August 2020

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