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At your first visit, whether its a Free Consultation or a Comprehensive Assessment, we focus on listening. We don't rush, we want to help you.

Your First Visit to York Place Dental Practice

Let us look after you in our relaxing rooms

We look forward to meeting you on your first visit to York Place. Whether you are testing the water with a Free Consultation or you are coming for your Comprehensive Assessment, you are our focus and we listen! We don't rush you into anything as we want to help you find the best solution for your dental care.

The first time that we meet you is a crucial step, because we believe that this is the most important visit to the dentist that you will ever have. The truth is that too often in the UK this visit is frequently rushed and often late and we don't want you to leave - a disappointed patient.

At your free consultation, you will meet our friendly team and have the chance to ask whatever you want to ask. Richard Hellen BDS, our lead dentist will meet you and carry out a simple examination if you wish during which you can discuss anything you like on an informal basis. Richard is absolutely passionate about breaking down the barriers that some people have towards good dental care. He has a unique way of simplifying the most difficult problems in dental care - watch out for his magic markers and his camera! Normally you'll be with us for up to an hour.

A simple £20 deposit secures your booking and we'll refund it to you when you attend for your visit. If you like what you see, you can then book to come back and have a full examination at your Comprehensive Assessment appointment.

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Comprehensive Dental Assessments in Carlisle

Comprehensive Assessments

In life, the success of any project depends upon great planning and excellent communication and we might add:

"In dentistry, dentists have two ears, two eyes, and one mouth."The dentist would be well advised to use them in that order.

Your Comprehensive Assessment appointment is the start of every new patient's journey with us. Whether you are joining us for long term care, or for a short term course of cosmetic or health based treatment, this is the start.

We take a relaxed and consistent approach to caring for you. At your Comprehensive Assessment, Richard or Dani will take time to listen to your personal story. They will then thoroughly examine you, checking the inside and outside of your mouth for tell tale signs of your dental health.

We are always happy to discuss the appearance of your teeth and your smile if this is something that concerns you.

We will discuss and describe in a zero-jargon manner any treatments that we would recommend to get you back to the best dental health. We then suggest a bespoke preventative care plan to keep your mouth as healthy as possible for as long as possible. Healthy teeth for life is the name of our game.

If we think that it will be in your best interest, we'll arrange to see you for a free second visit (we call it a case presentation). This gives us time to have a think, to maybe check out your digital scan, your digital radiography, your clinical photos, your dental records and compile a personal life long dental plan for you. This is the gold standard in Cumbria's dentistry world and it's what we are here for.

Our Dental Consultation Services

What happens at your Comprehensive Dental Health Assessment?

Upon your arrival at York Place Dental, you'll meet one of our welcome team. Over a fresh cup of tea, coffee or a soft drink we'll collect or update your medical, dental and personal information. If you want to come early, please feel welcome to use our free WiFi internet connection. You'll be introduced to your dentist and you'll be given all the time that you need, to find out what you want to know or ask questions about your oral health.

We'll then painlessly carry out what we believe will be the best and most thorough dental examination that you will ever have in Carlisle! We are quite proud of the fact that you don't actually sit in a dental chair to start with - because we think that this makes things easier for you. All of our team are trained listeners, and this is what we do. We carefully note everything that we see and everything that you tell us, and record it onto our secure computer system.

Once complete, we play back your scan, x rays and photos and discuss our findings in simple, easy to understand, language. We firmly believe that you cannot make a decision about your dental care if you don't completely understand what it's all about.

Finally, we take you to our cosy little office (we call it the Little Room) and our trained treatment coordinator helps you with whatever is necessary. It could be to explain again what the dentist told you, how much you will need to invest, to book your appointments, to arrange a finance plan, anything. Think of them as your Concierge service.  Of course, you will always receive a written quote, and where necessary, a full written bespoke dental treatment plan.

To book your Comprehensive Assessment, ring us on 01228 580490, or click here.

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