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A Cure For Sensitive Teeth?

Working with small whitish bits of peoples anatomy can be profoundly rewarding, and occasionally extremely frustrating. Luckily, technology moves on, and last year's impossibility becomes this years hot treatment...

Lasers, titanium implants, tooth whitening, ceramic veneers all make the headlines and occupy the column inches and lifestyle shows. 

A less sexy topic is tooth sensitivity. Most people suffer from it a bit, a few suffer a lot. Medicated toothpastes, care with diet and good mouth hygiene is usually enough, but there are a sizeable number of people out there who have a severe problem, and nothing seems to work. 
In particular, their tooth sensitivity makes their hygiene appointments a time of dread, their sweaty palms and fingers digging into the armrests of the dental chair. Sadly, its often precisely these people who need the most intensive hygienist support. Its all very well being offered a local anaesthetic  - but surely there must be alternative?
Enter Remesense. 
Some of you may remember a similar product called Savodent, which was sadly discontinued. This is pretty much the same stuff.
We've tried it on some our most sensitive patients in a totally non scientific trial, and it does seem to work where other products haven't. A ten minute gel application at home in a special gum shield can provide at least two week's protection.
Which means:
Comfort when eating.
Comfort when drinking.
and importantly comfort when visiting your hygienist or dentist.
Click the link below and ask your dentist next time you're visiting. 
We have no commercial interest in this product, this information is intended to relieve pain and misery!
Have you got sensitive teeth? Get in touch with us and let us know what's bothering you...
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Sunday, 31 May 2020
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