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A Great Smile Just Trying To Get Out....

Sometimes we say things that can cause so much damage. Mostly, it's not intentional, but the damage is so real. In dental care, its as true as in any other walk of life. Here's a story.

A nervous young lady came to see me recently. She was new to York Place, came on a recommendation. Her last dentist had told her that she "had the mouth of a 50 year old".
But she's in her 20's...
She thought she had gum disease and was going to lose her teeth. She was a very worried lady.
We checked her for health. OK, she had a few damaged teeth, and her gums bled because she had some plaque on her teeth. There were some food stains and some tar stains from her recently - ceased smoking habit.
But that was it.
  • Her gums can be fixed - we will show her how.
  • Her teeth can be fixed. 
  • She's going to look GREAT and she has an excellent dental future.

....and the team can help to keep her like that with her own mouth care program.
She's now a lot happier, and we undid something that was careless and untrue. I so hope that we don't make the same mistake...
Has anything like this ever happened to you? Let us know....
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Thursday, 16 September 2021

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