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Carpe Diem

Please forgive the indulgence, but it's my birthday, and you're only 50 once...

Jolly sweet birthday cake for a dentist
Not a lot of people know this, but not only are the team at York Place Dental a wonderful bunch of professionals and jolly nice people, but pretty much all of them are brilliant bakers and cooks. Even the guys - Andy is well known for his killer Rocky Road.

We have a great tradition at YPD - everyone gets a cake on their birthday and a little present - maybe some flowers. Nothing ostentatious, just a simple but heartfelt token to mark the occasion.

This is the latest baking masterpiece to arrive - this time made by our extremely talented Hygienist Kimberly Young.  I can assure you that we all ate something savoury after cutting it, and then flossed and brushed. Honest.

As a small business owner, I count myself very fortunate to be able to take time out of "The Shop" today to celebrate whilst things run normally and service is maintained. Achieving balance in life is so important and it's so easy just to fritter it all away.

Thank you especially to my wife Ruth and to the team at YPD: Dani, Andy, Gemma, Ruth F, Emma, Aga, Becca, Kim, Jane, Nicola, Sarah-Jane, Michelle, Ruth G and Jan. You're all marvellous and I am in your debt.

So, have a great day today, all of you. If its your birthday too, congratulations and welcome to a pretty good club :-)


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Saturday, 08 August 2020

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