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Our Focus on Prevention


OHE (Oral Health Education)

Here at York Place Dental we offer patients OHE appointments which are built in to our care plans. This enables us to provide patients with preventative, tailored advice to help restore or stabilise and prevent any dental issues from arising.

We focus on prevention and in doing so we educate our patients, helping them to keep their mouths healthy and to remain disease free.

Every OHE appointment is tailored to suit the individual and the topics that are covered are relevant to the individual patient so that they can take full benefit from these appointments.

We provide OHE appointments to a range of ages and we tailor the appointment so that it is suitable. We aim to make visiting the dentist an enjoyable experience for all of our patients. Young children receive a healthy mouth pack, which is a goody bag full of fun dental preventative items and as encouragement we offer rewards including stickers and toys from our treat box. We find this is an effective way to acclimatise children and to remove the anxiety that can unfortunately be associated with visiting a dentist.It can be a good starting point to help children become relaxed in an environment which should not be traumatic and we find our OHE appointments allow the dental journey to be less stressful and even enjoyable.

Some of our main preventative messages include:

OHI (Oral Hygiene Instruction) – We ensure that the correct cleaning methods are being implemented to optimise a patients efficiency in keeping their mouth clean and plaque free (including tooth brushing instruction with either electric or manual toothbrushes, interspace cleaning including floss and or brushes).

Diet advice - Here we assess and analyse a patients diet through the use of observational tools such as diet diaries which enable us to highlight any areas of concern.We can then advise alternatives and can help the patient change their habits to prevent any decay in the future.

Erosion advice – a growing problem for patients especially the younger generation is the increase in the consumption of carbonated drinks.Not only do these drinks wreak havoc in causing dental decay due to their high sugar content but they have the added problem of causing the enamel on the teeth to erode away over time.This problem is seen more and more in the dental industry and education is crucial for patients to show the damaging effects and offer help regarding this very important dental problem.

Fluoride advice and varnish applications – we offer fluoride advice and give recommendations at what concentrations and what fluoride products patients should use. When used correctly fluoride can help cut dental decay rates. In addition we can apply a high strength fluoride varnish to our patients, which has good preventative and good corrective benefits such as de-sensitising for sensitive teeth.

Dentistry is all about prevention!! We pride ourselves on being able to offer the best in preventative dentistry. We want all of our patient's to have a healthy mouth for life!

Please contact the practice for more information or to ask about our young persons plans. 

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Monday, 03 August 2020

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