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Unsung Heroes no.2: Your Dental Hygienist

Here's a guessing game with a massive clue in the title:

Who, in the Dental Health Team

  • Renews their acquaintance with you on a regular basis.
  • Puts you at ease, discusses your life, your kids, your holidays, what you've been doing since your last visit.
  • ...and possibly spends more time with you than your dentist...so that you know them as a person and they gain your trust.
Who, in the Dental Health team:
  • Has studied for at least two years full time at University to gain their qualification.
  • Assesses your progress against your personalised treatment plan - which they have designed.
  • Takes the right clinical readings and works with your dentist on your progress.
  • Reinforces your pathway toward optimum dental health.
  • ...and mentors you when things have perhaps gone a little awry (we know it happens - it's okay).
Who, in the Dental Health Team can:
  • Discuss your healthy diet.
  • Take your x rays.
  • Whiten your teeth.
  • Apply protective coatings to keep your teeth strong.
  • Recommend the right home techniques to better your dental health - and find out with you really works and what doesn't?
And above all, who is it that teams up with you to help you keep your teeth and gums healthy for life?

I think most of you should have it by now. 

A big Hi to all the Dental Hygienists out there  - couldn't do it without them :-)  

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Tuesday, 11 August 2020

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