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Its Your Choice

Great to welcome some new members to the Tribe at YPD today. Welcome!

Dental Care is a people job and we love it. As you'd expect, today brought a complete mix of unique people (aren't we all?), all with their own story to tell. Some long stories, some short, some of them had problems, others didn't...and as a team we've done our level best to give the best possible advice, explained in the most easy to understand way.

The common thread from all these stories is that until we can gain your respect and above all your trust, we're no use to anyone.

And gaining your trust takes time - lots of it. 

Time to listen to you, time to ask questions, time to think and plan, time to show you, time (we hope) to excel.

Which is why we think Slow is Okay - in a good way. 

  • As much time as you like for your complimentary New Patient Assessment.
  • At least an hour for your New Patient Consultation. 
  • At least  at least 30 minutes with your hygienist. 
  • No crammed waiting rooms.

So that you have the best possible advice, the time to ask your questions - and the time to make your choices.

We're here to advise and to care, with your permission.

At the end of the day, its your choice...

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Tuesday, 11 August 2020

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