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Do you feel like you are being ignored?

How many times have you been in a place where you've got a problem and you've gone for some advice?

Lets imagine the scenario. You've plucked up the courage to do something about an issue, perhaps an embarrassing one, and booked an appointment.

You arrive on the day at your destination, you exchange pleasantries with the person greeting you, and wait.

And then you wait some more...

And some more as well.

You check your watch, and accept that things must be busy, but are painfully aware that its getting toward the end of the working day and that maybe you're going to be shall we say - rushed along?

And then it happens - you're called into the office (or surgery, or room, or whatever) - and The Expert is sat there writing notes about the last person on the computer with their back to you, but its OK they can write and talk at the same time whilst facing the wall  - "Now what seems to be the problem Mr Smith..."

Not a good start - your name is Mrs Jones.

You find talking to the floor easier because there's no eye contact, no attempt at friendliness, and you feel faintly ridiculous and a bit stupid because your problem now seems to have been a bit of an ego trip, and hey, The Expert has obviously got a lot of other bigger things to worry about.

You're just floundering through your explanation with a mouth as parched as Death Valley when you find yourself cut off and handed a ...prescription  / excuse / another appointment / fobbed off.....

I dont think I need to go on do I.....

Its Friday afternoon, and we've had a lovely week and the privilege of meeting some genuine, often scared and occasionally traumatised people for the first time...because they've come to see us for some help.

And why do we keep hearing stories like the one above, over and over again. 

Dentistry is a people profession. Most of us have two eyes, two ears and one mouth - and they should be used in exactly that order.

Has this ever happened to you? Why don't you get in touch and let us know about it....

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Tuesday, 11 August 2020

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