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Eat your way to whiter teeth....

Whiter teeth are on many of our wish lists, and many dentists offer teeth whitening treatments to help you achieve this. Sometimes it seems as if nutrition and dental health considerations would almost put tooth whitening on a bit of a backburner! However, did you know that your diet can actually contribute to whiter teeth with a few shrewd choices?

Foods Which Contribute to Teeth Whitening: Nutrition And Dental Health

Here are a few foods which are proven to enhance the white appearance of your teeth…what a great excuse to eat more of what you like!


I know what you’re thinking, “Strawberries are bright red…how will they help whiten my teeth?!” It’s hard to believe but it is true. Strawberries contain malic acid, which helps to remove stains from your teeth and natural clean them. So you can feel less guilty next time you have champagne by adding a few strawberries!


As delicious as they are, pineapples have the additional benefit of being a great natural whitening agent. Pineapple, being so juicy stimulates saliva which washes away food debris and also contains bromelain which is a natural stain remover.
VegetablesHigh fiber vegetables – such as celery, broccoli or carrots – actually stimulate the saliva in our mouths, washing away additional food debris. And as an added bonus, the vegetables are not only helping to whiten your teeth, their health and weight benefits are well documented.

Dairy rich products

Not only do these products contain calcium (an aid to strengthening teeth) they contain lactic acid. This super acid fights decay and unfriendly bacteria in the mouth. So a great excuse to indulge in cheeses, low fat milk and yogurts….

I was surprised by these teeth whitening boosters so I wanted to share the knowledge! Obviously, moderation is key and I am not saying that by having a few of the items on the list your teeth will be pearly white – but I am saying that these foods are proven to enhance the white appearance of teeth! And, the list is rather tasty!

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Saturday, 08 August 2020

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