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Living with Invisalign, Ruth's story

Living with Invisalign

If you don't have a crooked smile it's difficult to understand how much it can affect your confidence. You soon learn how to smile without actually opening your mouth and come to the conclusion that perhaps this is how it will be forever. It doesn't have to be. 

There are a lot of straightening treatments out there and available for patients of ANY age and good dentists who will help you overcome any fears and concerns and work with you at your pace. One such treatment is Invisalign and here is Ruth's story

"Thanks to York Place Dental and the Invisalign system, I have the smile I've always wanted!

I had the traditional train track braces many years ago but unfortunately because I wasn't given the correct retainers my teeth moved back. I decided last year that I wasn't happy with my smile and so looked into my options. I was given a couple of different options from Richard as to what would give me my best result. I decided to go for the Invisalign treatment. I was blown away when I saw on the computer screen what my teeth should look like at the end of treatment. I loved that I was able to see my end result before I had even started!
When I started wearing my aligners I quickly got used to them. I had some attachments placed on the front of my teeth which I was slightly unsure about because I wanted very discreet braces but they were hardly noticeable.

For the first few days I felt a slight pressure on my teeth and I felt this with every new aligner I was given but nothing was uncomfortable. The trays were easy to place in and remove. I changed my aligners every 10 days and again this was very easy to do, my visits every 6 weeks to York Place Dental were always straight forward and very convenient for me.

I loved how I could still clean my teeth thoroughly when I removed the trays. Before putting my trays back in after eating I would clean my teeth, this is a great routine to get in to and I am now still doing it even after my Invisalign has finished, so another added bonus is my oral hygiene is the best it could be thanks to the routine using Invisalign got me in to.

I wore my aligners for the recommended 23 hours per day, but I will be honest when I was having a cheeky night out I enjoyed being able to take them out for a couple of hours which was another reason I chose Invisalign. Richard did explain to me before I started treatment that the more I wear them the quicker the treatment would be. My treatment was complete in just over 1 year. During the year, I did need 1 alteration as my teeth weren't quite moving at the speed Invisalign had predicted but with some quick impressions I got some more aligners at no extra cost.

At the end of treatment I now have a fixed retainer permanently on the back of my front 6 teeth, which I don't even notice. I also have removable retainers that I wear periodically so I have confidence that my teeth will not move back.

I would recommend Invisalign to anyone!"

If you're interested in knowing more about getting that smile you've always wanted, why not call 01228 580490 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and make a free, no obligation, consultation so you can see what's possible with a little help from us.

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