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Now You DON'T See It.....

A quick case for you.....

We have had LOADS of interest in our Inovation L lingual tooth braces, so here's a real live picture taken last week in Carlisle for you.

We decided to upgrade this young lady from her clear aligner braces to something faster and more accurate. She's in a people job, and particularly wanted her teeth straightened without people knowing that she was wearing braces. So, we agreed that lingual braces are the obvious choice. It is true that a lingual brace can rub the tongue more, so we tried her with her top brace for a couple of weeks to see how she managed. She was delighted with how the braces felt, so we placed her lower lingual brace today. One visit to fix it, one hour, no pain.

howes lingual

She'll be back over the next few months, so watch out for progress.....

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Wednesday, 27 January 2021

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