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One of Those Lightbulb Moments: Whitening Teeth

You know when something happens and you've just got to shout about it? I think its just happened to me...
Most people know that you can have your teeth whitened - its been around in various forms for about 20 years or so and like most things in life, its become more refined and there are now different techniques which suit different needs. There are also cheap imitations - beware and stay clear - at best they don't work and at worst they dissolve your teeth. Really.

You can have your teeth whitened in as little as one hour - so it can be quick and convenient, suiting our sadly too busy lifestyles.

Truth is, most people could also get the same result with the less sexy but still effective home whitening - applying the right gel to the teeth in dentist made bespoke trays, usually for two to four weeks. Its a bit of a faff, it takes time, and it really does matter that your trays are made the right way and that you are using the right gel, so results can be very variable.

We also see a fair number of patients who have brown or grey or spotted or flecked or chalky (or all of the above) teeth - usually because of being given inappropriate antibiotics as a kid. Its a real downer and these people are rightly keen to get it sorted. Until today, but they would need to wear home trays for up to three or even six months. That's an hour a day for 180 days. No quick fix, just gooey trays for ever.

Back to the lightbulb moment.

I have trained with a guy called Wyman Chan at Smile Studio in London on a couple of occasions, most recently in May of this year. He knows pretty much everything about tooth whitening there is to know, and he's stumbled across a superb idea. Using the same safe gel that we use in the home trays, and applying it in a different way and using a simple heat source to warm it, patients can home whiten in about one fifth of the time - ie this is five times quicker.

What nailed it for me was that a patient came in yesterday having been told that three months was the order of the day, and ten days later she's nearly done. When we have a few more cases completed we'll post photos of them here.

The system is called Get 2 Smile, we're doing it, and I think that the days of tray whitening are numbered.

If you've got heavily stained teeth, or if you've tried whitening before but didn't get the result you wanted, why don't you get in touch?
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Saturday, 08 August 2020

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