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Throwing the (Forests) out with the Bathwater

A short one from the heart today. Like millions of the population I've spent many happy days mucking round in forests.

I grew up just over the water from the Forest of Dean and we walked, camped, caravanned, climbed (yes - there are rocks there too) and generally had a good time in a great resource.

I now have a choice of Mountain biking some of the best purpose built trails anywhere, here in the Lakes, at Whinlatter or Grisedale forests. I was out on the bike yesterday, and like hundreds of others we were enjoying a prize asset that is the result of some inspired thinking. Not to mention the walks for people of all ages, great cafes, and the opportunity for people from urban areas to get out into wild places for free.

So...the government think its a great idea to sell it all off.

I understand about economics. I understand about national debt.

I'm not at all certain that selling off national forests is going to save the economy.

And I don't believe that there would be anything to motivate a new private landowner to keep the existing facilities either in good condition or in fact open at all.

So - if you've got this far - how do you feel about it? If you're interested, follow the link below to 38 Degrees' website and sign their petition opposing the selloff.

There isn't a lot of time.


Teeth and tarmac don't mix....
Don't do this at home...


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Saturday, 08 August 2020

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