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Seizing the Moment

It's not often that you say goodbye to someone who has worked with you for 20 years. On the rare occasion that it does happen, it should be marked.

Those of you who know our superb team at York Place will have met Julie Graham. She joined us in 1993 as a young dental nurse, two months after I arrived in Carlisle. In the years that followed we saw and were part of huge changes in dental care. Together, we've moved from a simpler but more restricted world to the high-tech, opportunity laden environment that we inhabit today.

Denture TalkWEB In some respects, a dentist and his nurse are married by their job, and as with most relationships it's not always been easy. At times we've bickered like an old couple - but then we've had some good times too.

Julie has probably nursed for you, maybe helped to you on the phone, perhaps arranged finance for you or explained one of my treatment plans in Plain English.

As a team member, Julie has helped to develop new systems, she has embraced new procedures, learnt new skills, been away and studied at college to improve the services that we provide, and helped out in clinical management.

Julie has been many things to many people, and is in my opinion a true multi tasker.

Well, Julie leaves us today for a new career outside dentistry, and I know that she will be a hard act to follow. I'm sure that you will join me in wishing her well - we know that she'll have a ball in her new career.

The truth is that sometimes it is time to move on, and that when that time comes, the best thing to do is to recognise it and seize the moment. Carpe Diem.

All the best Julie, we will miss you :-)

Richard and the YPD Team

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Tuesday, 11 August 2020

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